Measure Master Pro Recenzje App

It’s not quite the same....

I have the physical version of this and use it daily in the woodshop. This app version is close but still different enough to notice it. It is also the most expensive App I’ve ever purchased so expected a bit more than a $3.00 alternative.

Best in class

I couldn't have asked for a better tradesman calculator, and the comment below saying it doesnt have rise, run or pitch, is wrong, it does he/she must not know how to use this calc

Needs help

This needs an update that gets me rise, run, and diagonal. I use that more than anything else. I feel like I completely wasted my money. Please update and improve.

Construction calculator

Spent $10 on this app only to find out there's no rise/ run /pitch function in it; making it effectively useless to most carpenters or anyone needing to find an arbitrary square line.

Calculated Industries makes great stuff

It works just like the handheld calculators they make. I own three of their devices; two construction masters, scale master and now this app. I use this app the most out of all.

Backspace button

Awesome app. Maybe I'm just missing it, but how about a backspace button?

The wait is over!!

I've been using the hand held model 4020 for many years and now I can leave it at the office knowing I have it on my phone. Now If only the app icon could be as fine as the app. It's awful! Please redesign!!

Another Civil Engineer

This is a great calculator for anyone who works with plans. Saves me lots of time by eliminating the fractions. Very glad I bought it. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommended

I've been using Calculated Industries' professional calculators for 25 years and their fractional input is unsurpassed. I chose this app for my iPhone and for everyday use around the house. It's the same excellent quality I've come to expect from this company and easy to use. Worth the price and I highly recommend this calculator.

Great and quite handy. As an architect it is a great tool!

Every architect's best friend!

From 1 star to 5 with latest update!

A very handy tool for anyone in woodworking, construction or engineering fields! Very nice clean layout.


I am a professional cabinet maker and this calculator is exactly what I needed. Nothing more and nothing less.

Must have tool addition

Great app. Have used the handheld Master Pro to save time and accuracy especially working back and forth between metric and inches. Now have it with me always on my iphone


It may lack some functions of the higher priced versions like the stair calc but my const master has that if I need it. The tape function is my favorite function that my other devices lack and is really handy for those like me that have hit their fingers with the hammer so many times that touch screen input can be a challenge for stone fingers.

No stair calc!

Good app. But I expected at least the same function of my const. calc. This has fewer, no stair calculator function. Add this and I'll up my rating.

The best for the money!!!

Best for the money!!!

Works as anticipated

I've used CI's handheld calculators. These iOS apps work exactly as their handheld calculators do. Rock solid.


This is really great. I have used this tool for my woodworking. This is cheap for what you get. Well worth the price.

Structural Engineer

I bought this app due to it's ability to make calculations using feet inch numbers. It works great and is easy to use. Well worth the $5.99 introductory price. It also converts to other common units.

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